Tableau 2020.3

Write to external databases in Tableau Prep, grant licence on sign-in and deeper

integration with SAP

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Scale your analytics and governance further

Write to external databases in Tableau Prep

Store your prepped data from Prep Builder in a central location that can be used throughout your organisation. Govern and scale the investments you've made in your databases by providing a visual and direct field mapping experience to ensure your prepped data ends up where it should be.

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grant licence on sign-in new in 2020.3

Grant licence on sign-in

We're making it easier to optimise your organisation's seat investment, extending the value of Tableau to more users. Site admins can now designate members – specific individuals, teams and departments, or even your entire organisation – to be automatically granted a site role (Viewer, Explorer, Creator) upon their first time logging in to their Tableau Online or Tableau Server account. Deploy Tableau at scale without having to manually respond to licence requests, and quickly scale up when needed.

Tableau SAP certification new in 2020.3

SAP HANA connector improvements & new SAP certifications

For our SAP HANA connector, users now have the ability to connect to table functions (stored procedures that return a table). We have also achieved official SAP Certification (HANA-BI-SQL 2.0) for integration with SAP HANA on Tableau Desktop, Prep, Server and Online. Read our new Tableau and S/4HANA analytics white paper for guidance and best practices around S/4HANA integration, and how to optimise the experience of using Tableau and S/4HANA together for analytics.

Tableau 2020.3 feature overview

Tune in for an overview of all the new features included in this release.

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Visit the Tableau COVID-19 data hub

Trusted global coronavirus (COVID-19) data from our community experts.

Join our Virtual Server Admin Tableau user group

Grant licence on sign-in & server permissions deep dive | 12 August 2020, 8:30am - 10:00am PDT

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Write to external databases in Tableau Prep Demo

Watch a demo of writing to database in Tableau Prep from our Tableau Prep User Group Meetup.


How Lake County Health revolutionised its data strategy

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Learn about self-service data preparation at scale and how Tableau Prep Conductor can help manage a governed data prep environment.

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