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進階分析 精選
運用 Tableau 進行進階分析

進階分析是現代商業智慧中重要的元件。在現今的組織中,資料科學人員需要可以仰賴的平台,而商業使用者則需要可以簡化工作流程並對資料提出更深層問題的工具。 下列白皮書詳細說明了: Tableau 的進階分析功能如何解決各種技能程度的人最常面臨的分析挑戰。 Tableau 進階分析的實際範例,包括細分、預測分析、計算等等。 ...

數據視覺化 精選
Visualizing Time: Beyond the Line Chart

The line chart has a long history of success for visualizing time, but is it always the best way to explore time data? It depends. For time-based data, the right chart is the one that...

商業智慧 精選
Five Dashboards Improving Student Achievement

The state of education continues to be one of the most notable challenges citizens and educators in the United States face today. Despite recent incremental improvements in the national dropout...


發現意料之外的事物;一切都與旅程有關。聽起來很像旅遊小冊子開頭的介紹,對吧?嗯,這很貼切,因為視覺化分析有助於您瀏覽各式各樣的資料。 當您想要理解您的資料時,要從哪裡開始?兩個常見的視覺化資料分析方法包括資料視覺化和視覺化分析。這兩個方法在資料探索中都分別發揮重要的作用。您不必二選一 - 這兩個方法都能幫助您查閱和瞭解您的資料。 資料探索通常是以問題開頭,...


您擁有資料,也有一些問題,那麼您該如何用最佳方法視覺化資料來取得所需的答案?將資料轉變為有效率的視覺化或儀表板是讓資料發揮影響力的第一步。 如元素週期表發明者 Henry D. Hubbard 所說:「圖表具有魔力。曲線的形狀能瞬間顯露出整體情況:流行疫情或恐慌的歷程,或一個時代的繁榮歷程。曲線能傳達意義、激發想像力並且說服人心。」 ...



Sales Performance Data's Impact on Managerial Decisions

Performance data are essential to managing sales organizations; without accurate data, management’s decision-making effectiveness is crippled. This research examines when, where, and how managers...

How to Become a Data-Driven Manufacturing Organization: Exploring the top challenges and solutions with industry leader Dan Murray

Business analytics continues to be a top priority and one of the fastest-moving areas in the manufacturing industry. But even with all the tools available, it’s still difficult to transition to...

Empowering Government Agency Leaders with Self-Service Data Visualization

What do Pixar, the creators of the animated films "Toy Story" and "Up!," and the Department of Defense have in common? One thing: both organizations know how to harness the power of...

Hardware Planning and Server Configuration for Enterprise Tableau Deployments

Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments. This white paper aims to provide guidance and best practices for mission-...