On-Demand Webinar

Fundraising Insights with Tableau

Join the Tableau team as they share their experiences to aid your development efforts.

Fundraising is all about your CRM data. We'll show you how to unlock the value within your data, and create an impactful fundraising campaign. Some of the key topics for discussion will include:

- Tackling data quality: find things such as invalid postcodes and missing names, to maximise revenue from your Gift Aid claims.

- Understanding the profile of your top donors: Uncover information such as giving patterns, age demographics, and location so that you can target the right people with your fundraising campaigns.

- Visualising your retention and attrition rates in order to spend more effort on fundraising campaigns that result in higher lifetime value.

- Social Media Analytics: Are you measuring how your constituents are engaging with you on social media? See how Tableau can connect to Twitter and Facebook to gain meaning and insights from these platforms.

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About the speakers

Alex Ross

Sales Consultant, EMEA
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