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ExxonMobil: Building a Culture of Safety using Tableau

"Continuous improvement is essential to achieve our safety goal, which also happens to be our vision: a workplace where 'Nobody Gets Hurt.'" - Rex Tillerson, CEO, ExxonMobil Corporation

In order to achieve its corporate vision and support its efforts for continuous improvement, ExxonMobil Corporate SSHE has partnered with IT to develop a data warehouse to enable insightful analysis and self-discovery of SSHE data and trends. ExxonMobil's journey was dotted with complications and setbacks that ultimately made their understanding of data warehousing and Tableau stronger and strengthened the relationship between Business and IT.

ExxonMobil Central SSHE and ExxonMobil IT will share how they:

- partnered together to scale Tableau Server and build a global Safety Security Health Environmental Data Warehouse

- implemented themes from User Centered Design (UCD) to build Tableau visualizations for 90k+ users across various levels of the organization with differing data needs

- developed custom admin views to analyze usage patterns and identify useful visualizations for development of future visualizations

About the speakers

Jonathon Greene

Systems Advisor, ExxonMobil Corporation

Joe Haden

SSH&E Systems Analyst, ExxonMobil

Chris Jones

Analytics Engineering & Design Specialist, ExxonMobil
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